PreviewQt v3.0


by Lukas Spies

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About PreviewQt

PreviewQt is a sibling to PhotoQt, but simpler and more lightweight. The intention is to add support for more and more files to PreviewQt, beyond files that a good image viewer should be able to handle. Eventually, PreviewQt is intended to become the "swiss army knife" for previewing and getting information about files.

About Me

I am Lukas Spies, the sole developer of PreviewQt. Born and raised in Germany, I left my home country to pursue my university studies shortly after finishing high school. Since then I have lived for some years in Ireland, Canada, USA, and France, studying and doing research in Mathematics and Computer Science. Currently I am living in the US of A (in the Midwest) pursuing a PhD in Scientific Computing.

Developing PreviewQt takes up quite a bit of my free time. I appreciate any donation showing your appreciation of my efforts.

If you are considering donating to support PreviewQt,
please consider donating to support humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine instead.