PreviewQt v3.0

Supported formats

Note that the list of actually supported file formats depends on how PreviewQt was compiled for your platform and on the versions of the image libraries (ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick, KImageFormats, ...) available on your system. The list below contains all the file formats that could possibly be supported, the number of formats supported on your installation of PreviewQt might be lower.

The list below is sorted alphabetically according to the first listed file ending. Following the format description are icons indicating which library is capable of loading that format. In order for a format to be supported on your system, at least one of the respective libraries needs to be available, and the more recent the version the better.

Qt logo = Qt (and KDE) | ImageMagick logo = ImageMagick | GraphicsMagick logo = GraphicsMagick | libraw logo = LibRaw | DevIL logo = DevIL | FreeImage logo = FreeImage

If Poppler or the Qt PDF plugin is available, then PDF documents can be browsed. If LibArchive (see below for more archives) is available, different e-books can also be viewed:

PreviewQt is able to open packed archives (including comic book files) using LibArchive and load all the image files it is able to find inside:

Depending on the video codecs available on your system, PreviewQt is able to display a variety of video formats alongside your images: